Get ready to take control of your Health.


At The Apothecary Table we believe in helping our clients live healthy lives. That’s why we expertly diagnose health issues and deliver cost effective herbal remedies to treat them. By using the latest technology to assess our clients and get to the root of their pain, we can advise on lifestyle changes that are specifically suited to their recovery. Through our dedication to sourcing local, organically certified ingredients that are aligned with our ethical practices, we remain committed to achieving our vision of making quality life a reality, naturally.



Grab your trusted Herbal Product from our premises, we have a wide selection of herbal remedies, protein powder, Vitamin and Mineral Supplements.


Health Consultation

Take a tour of your body and learn about the issues you have been dealing with but unable to articulate them - Plan a health road map - start with us today.


Corporate Wellness

We do corporate wellness where we help people recover quicker from injuries and ailments by incorporating Herbal Remedies to their lifestyle.



An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

— Benjamin Franklin